What is IMUG?

The Ivanti Momentum User Group’s (IMUG) mission is to bring together Ivanti users both in person and virtually to create open and inclusive interactive communities. 
Build a network of connections, share your expertise, experience and best practices, collaborate to overcome challenges, and provide ongoing learning. IMUG meetings are free to attend. They are customer-led, driving you to succeed using Ivanti solutions.

IMUGs are for our customers, by our customers and about our customers.

Meet, share and discover today. 

Connect with professionals   Valuable content     Stronger together
Access insightful presentations, best    Explore important topics through    Grow your network to collaborate,
practices and expertise from others   educational and knowledge sharing    problem solve and succeed.
using Ivanti solutions.    sessions led by users, Ivanti and Ivanti     
    Partner network.    
In the know       Become an innovator!     Bring a colleague
Access to the latest product updates    Communicate with anyone and expand    IMUG meetings are free, so invite  
and roadmap presentations from        your network/community/knowledge    someone new - or two - and grow
the Ivanti Product Team.   between meetings, using Ivanti Innovators.   your local community!


Our Partnership  
The Ivanti Momentum User Group community is supported by a dedicated team of Ivanti community professionals. The partnership with the IMUG Team provides community support and best practices, access to Ivanti content, meetings, technical resources, and executives. Ivanti provides invaluable support and collaboration on meetings, education, and future vision.  


Your Team
Have a question about Ivanti Momentum User Groups? Reach out to your IMUG team via usergroups@ivanti.com. The IMUG community was born from the incredible commitment and dedication of our customers worldwide who've offered their support to lead a group. We hope you'll take part in this thriving community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the IMUG team to be introduced to the local community leader or members in your area!  



Interested in starting a group in your area? Apply to become a Community Leader.