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About Ivanti Momentum User Groups (IMUGs)


Our Mission

Ivanti Momentum User Groups (IMUGs) aim to bring together Ivanti users in person and virtually to create open and inclusive communities to network, share ideas and best practices, collectively problem-solve, and provide ongoing education. IMUGs are customer-led groups intended to help individuals succeed using Ivanti solutions.


Our Objective


Our Partnership

Our partnership with Ivanti enables our Ivanti Momentum User Group community. Our partnership provides access to Ivanti content, events, developers, and executives. Ivanti provides invaluable support and collaboration on events, education, and future vision.


Your Team

Have a question about joining or leading an IMUG Group? Reach out to Louise Wadsworth, Sr. Manager, Head of Global User Groups usergroups@ivanti.com. The IMUG community was born from the incredible commitment and dedication of our customers worldwide who've offered their support to lead a chapter. We hope you'll take part in this thriving community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Lou to be introduced to the local leader or members in your area!