Community Leader Guidelines
Community Leader Guidelines

Running a group in your region can be a very rewarding experience during your personal and professional career. The team of community specialists within the Ivanti Innovators Connect team equip you with the tools, resources, knowledge and support network to help you build a successful local or even global User Group.

Community Leaders are: 

  • Active Ivanti customers with an Ivanti product that is operating in production for at least one year.
  • Volunteers who are passionate about Ivanti solutions and a community champion, motivated to share knowledge and learn something new from others.
  • Already active on at least one of the following Ivanti programs: Ivanti Support Community, Reference Program, Advisory Councils, other User Group events.
  • Encouraged to recruit co-community leaders to help assist with user group event arrangements.
  • The voice of their local user group - representing their thoughts, opinions and wishes to the Ivanti Innovators Connect Team.
  • Enthusiastic and committed to promoting their group and growing its membership.


Ivanti Innovators Connect Community Leaders agree to:  

  • Abide by and enforce the Ivanti Innovators Connect Code of Conduct, making the experience safe and inclusive for all attendees.
  • Act in representation of themselves, not a company or corporation.
  • Plan and moderate quarterly user group meetings*:
    • Run all events and manage RSVPs (meeting registrations) through Ivanti Innovators Connect User Groups | Ivanti Innovators Connect.
    • Assist the Ivanti Innovators Connect team with local user group communication, invitations, and meeting updates.
    • Solicit fellow user group members to host meetings (for on-site meetings).
    • Identify and recruit enlist user group members to deliver presentations at user group events.
    • Work with the Ivanti Innovators Connect team to generate meeting topics and content. Provide any requests for Ivanti staff or partner-led content (workshops, demonstrations, learning, etc.).
    • Participate in pre-event planning calls to form meeting agendas and schedules.
    • Create meeting materials.
    • If applicable, support the regional User Group Exchange meeting: serve as a committee member among other leaders in that region. This would count as one of the quarterly meetings.
  • Be an advocate of the Ivanti Innovators program to prospective, new and current members of the user group community in accordance with provided best practices.
  • Lead an interest call with prospective members to plan your groups inaugural meeting.
  • Post meeting questions, updates and commentary between user group meetings.
  • Follow Ivanti’s brand guidelines and direction from the Ivanti Innovators Connect team.
  • If hosting and recording virtual user group meetings, follow guidance from Ivanti Innovators Connect Team on obtaining required consent for recording from all participants.
  • Attend Community Leader update calls prior to holding user group meetings.

 *The Ivanti Innovators Connect Team reserves the right to add or remove Leaders from a User Group for any reason, including for inactivity. Leaders who have not hosted a meeting in two consecutive quarters will be considered inactive, unless the team has given prior approval for an alternative meeting cadence. The team will be on hand to provide Community Leaders with any required support. Should inactivity continue, Community Leaders will receive a warning 30 days before the group will be shut down. Groups can be reinstated by 2 or more Ivanti customers who are willing to revive and lead the User Group.


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Community Leader resources: 

  • Comprehensive Community Leader onboarding and training.
  • Event Management platform to support meeting promotion, communication and member registration (RSVP).
  • Meeting material templates (email, PowerPoint etc.).
  • Meeting frameworks – duration, structure, best practices.
  • Agenda content library.
  • The User Group team. Ivanti’s group of customer community specialists are there to support you, not just at the beginning, but as you continue your journey as Community Leader.
  • Access to Community Leader private group on User Group & Innovators.


Community Leader recognition*: 

  • Optional Community Leader Badge for social media.
  • Exclusive Community Leader gift.
  • Optional Professional profile elevation through Ivanti social channels.
  • Sneak-peek at upcoming product enhancements (subject to an NDA).
  • Optional membership and participation in the Ivanti Customer Council.
  • Dinner-On-Us: When you run onsite user group meetings.
  • Exclusive bi-annual Campfire Workshops that offer a range of topics from training and enablement on community engagement and facilitation, to interactive sessions that explore strategies and methods to support Community Leaders adoption and ROI of their Ivanti software.
  • 6-month subscription to Ivanti Advantage Learning (access to online videos and self-paced courses only), includes the opportunity to take certifications during this period. Attractive discount available for subscription extension. **

*Community Leader recognition described above is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and may be modified by Ivanti at any time at its discretion.  
**Extended to active Community Leaders who have organized and completed at least one user group meeting as a Community Leader.


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Ivanti Innovators Connect Team responsibilities
Community Leaders and the Ivanti Innovators Connect team have a mutual partnership with the goal of coordinating and hosting user group meetings. The team are Community Professionals within Ivanti dedicated to supporting the Community Leaders needs and setting them up for success. 


Your Ivanti Innovators Connect team are here to:

  • Monitor the meeting lifecycle.
  • Assist the Community Leader to recruit Ivanti and partner-led demonstrations.
  • For in-person meetings, support the Community Leader in working with customer host regarding on-site logistics:
    • Sponsorship for event costs, hybrid AV, refreshments.)
  • Host pre-event planning call with Community Leader(s).
  • Provide meeting support.
  • Assist in the creation, sending and managing of meeting invitations and monitoring of registrations.
  • Provide continual support for the Community Leader.
    • Training & coaching.
    • Metrics & insights on member feedback and group performance.
  • Promote User Group events via Ivanti communication channels.
  • Organize regional multi-group Exchange meetings with support from a commitee of Community Leaders.


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