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This group is for Ivanti CSM (Cherwell Service Management) and ISM (Ivanti Service Manager) customers in and around the Midwest United States region, and welcomes service management and asset management customers. Our goal is to create a local community that members can leverage during meetings and beyond. We meet four times a year (twice in-person and twice virtually) to see how other customers are using the platform or how others have solved for the same things you’re working on. Learn the latest product updates and brainstorm solutions on current projects. This customer-driven group is an exceptional opportunity for customers to connect with and learn from each other.

The Midwest ITSM Diners Club user group meeting is for, by, and about customers and fosters collaboration among group members. Connect with other CSM and ISM administrators and process owners around Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin area.

What does a typical meeting agenda look like?

  • Welcome and Introductions: Find out who's in the room.
  • Ivanti and CSM Updates and Announcements
  • Customer Show and Share: This is a chance for customers to see what other customers have done
  • Product Demo or Discussion
  • Roundtable Discussion or Solve my Problem: This is an open forum to ask questions or discuss topics, not on the formal agenda. It’s a good opportunity to crowdsource potential solutions regarding your service management project.
  • Plan Next Meeting

Stay in touch with the group between meetings.

Join other Iowa Service Management Diners Club members on Ivanti Innovators to network and keep the conversation going between meetings:

If you haven't joined Innovators yet, use this unique join link to sign up and be added to the Iowa group automatically:  

Upcoming events

Oct 10, 2023

In-Person User Group

Midwest Service Management Diners Club - Improving your self-service UI

This is an in-person-only meeting. Hear from John Stagaman as he provides tips and recommendations on improving your self-service UI for customers using Neurons for ITSM and CSM. Hear from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics about their CSM shopping cart integration with PeopleSoft, and stick around after lunch for a holiday end-of-year celebration with games and raffle prizes.

Past events

Virtual User Group

Iowa Service Management Diners Club Meeting - ISM/CSM Updates and Migration Assistance Programs

In-Person User Group

Midwest Service Management Diners Club - Neurons for ITSM with CSM Features Workshop

Virtual User Group

Midwest Service Management Diners Club Meeting

Virtual User Group

Iowa Service Management Diners Club Meeting

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