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Join this community of other Ivanti customers to discuss all things Security product related. This group will meet to discuss many of the hot topics that IT/security professionals face. Come along to the meetings, share your knowledge, brainstorm solutions, hear about product updates; an exceptional opportunity to connect and learn from each other.  So, grab your coffee and cereal and come have a therapy session with your peers!

What makes these Ivanti user group meetings unique? They are for, by, and about customers. Customers determine the agenda and volunteer to present, and the Ivanti team will support the meeting—making our meetings truly customer-driven.

All are welcome! 

Stay in touch with the group between meetings through Innovators Engage. 

Upcoming events


Innovator Previews - User Group Team only!

Innovator Preview – What’s New in Ivanti Neurons 2024.2

We are excited to discuss with you what’s coming with the release of Ivanti Neurons 2024.2!


Innovator Previews - User Group Team only!

2024 Q2 Innovator Preview – Risk-Based & Patch Management Solutions

Ivanti is excited to preview 2024 Q2 additions and enhancements to our risk-based vulnerability and patch management product portfolio for our Innovators community.

Past events

Virtual User Group

RBVM (Risk-Based Vulnerability Manager) User Group Meeting

Virtual User Group

Ask the Expert Session with Chris Goettl

Virtual User Group

Innovator Preview - RBVM & ASOC, Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management & Patch for Intune


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Lead Community Program Manager

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