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As more women enter the IT workforce, we need a user group to come together to speak about our experiences and knowledge within the tech industry. Join the Ivanti Innovators Connect Women in IT User Group, connect with other women, share your experiences and knowledge, have your voice heard, encourage, inspire, and be inspired. 

The Women in IT user group meeting is for, by, and about customers and fosters collaboration among group members. This group is for Ivanti women in IT within North America. We aim to create a local community that members can leverage during meetings and beyond. We meet monthly to join forces with other women and brainstorm solutions for current issues and topics centered around women in the tech industry. This group is an exceptional opportunity for us to connect and learn from each other.

What does a typical meeting agenda look like?

  • Welcome and Introductions: Find out who's in the room.
  • Special guest speakers
  • Discussion around key topics
  • Open group discussions: part of the meeting is an opportunity to start conversations, ask questions, and get support from other women. 
  • Plan next meeting

Stay in touch with the group between meetings.

Join other Women in IT on Ivanti Innovators to network and keep the conversation going between meetings:

If you haven't joined Innovators yet, use this unique join link to automatically sign up and be added to the Women in IT group:

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Women In IT

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Women In IT

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Women In IT

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