IMUG 2022 - Year in Review

As we roll into the final weeks of 2022, it’s easy to get absorbed in 2023 planning and be heads down on closing out the final initiatives of the year before (with any luck) some well-deserved relaxation and family time during the holiday season. So, before we close the door on 2022, we invite you all to join us in reflecting on an incredible milestone year for user groups at Ivanti and celebrate those that were at the very heart of the magic.  

The data always speaks for itself, with a staggering number of new groups formed, and many groups reunited again in-person after the pandemic virtual era, across the world. What do they all have in common? A core group of passionate, gracious and committed customers who serve as User Group Community Leaders. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to them for their time planning, organizing and running their group meetings this year, for they create collaborative, supportive and enjoyable spaces for Ivanti users to come together to ensure everyone achieves and exceeds the best possible from their Ivanti products. 

Here’s to our outstanding Community Leaders!  

Aaron Coonce & Mark Williams, Higher Education ITSM  

Ashton M & Vee Ferreira, ANZ EXM 

Austin Greca & Nate W, Michigan CSM  

Chris T, EMEA UWM  

Eli H & Sue B, Northeast ITSM 

Glenn Crooks, ANZ CSM  

Heather H & Daniel Cook, Arizona CSM 

Jerome L & Virginie L, France ISM   

Jesse Miller & Jason Koslowski, Breakfast Club  

Joel Blair, Missouri CSM  

Joshua Parnell, EPM North America  

Joshua T, Texas CSM  

Kelly R & Mike Abraniuk,  Canada ISM   

Mark T, UK ISM  

Michael Grieve, UK CSM  

Nick K, Indiana CSM  

Rob Knox, Pennsylvania CSM   

Robert Hanson & Taj W, Southeast ITSM  

Steve Clime, Midwest Service Management Diners Club   

Terence, Cape Town ITSM  

Till Haselmann, DE-AT CSM  

Tim B, NY/NJ ISM  

Tony P, Pacific Northwest ISM  

Vaclav Spok, CSM Administrators 

Special Accomplishments 

Most IMUG Meetings Ran: 

Jesse Miller & Jason Koslowski, Breakfast Club. 22 events ran in 2022!  

Most Attendees:  

Joshua Parnell, Endpoint Manager North America. 340 total attendees across 3 meetings  

Extra Amazing IMUG Meeting:  

Eli & Sue- Northeast Exchange. 2-day onsite user group meeting in Portsmouth NH with 46 attendees! 

Extra Supportive Community Leader:  

Steve Clime - Attended 29 IMUG meetings in addition to the 3 Iowa / Midwest Diners Club he ran!  

Robert Hanson & Rob Knox – Contributed to multiple group meetings throughout 2022