Application Control Server Whitelisting Best Practice

Australia - New Zealand, Security

Sep 7, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 AM


About this event

This session will delve in to the best practices to consider and follow when implementing Application Control in server environments.

After this session you will have the insight to

  • Plan a deployment
  • Understand the important factors to success
  • Understand how to align to the ACSC maturity model
  • Mature your existing implementation with best practices
  • Ask any burning questions!

The session will be led by Abdul Azize who has multiple years experience working in the Ivanti consulting team and implementing Application Control in some of Ivanti's largest local customers. Including many federal government departments with strict compliance requirements and the highest level maturity to the ACSC. 

Abdul will be joined by Shane Wescott a 17 year veteran of the security and Ivanti world, the man responsible for more App Control deployments than anyone known to man!


  • James Ley

    Manager, Sales Engineering

  • Shane Wescott

    Security/UWM Technical Evangelist

  • Ross Carins

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Abdul Azize

    Solution Engineer

  • Hariharan Janakiraman

    Sales Engineer

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