Ivanti Application Control - "I just want to run my own Apps Mate "

Australia - New Zealand, Security

Apr 12, 2022, 4:00 – 5:30 AM


About this event

Join this session with our Security Technical Evangelist Shane Wescott who has over 18 years helping Customer with Ivanti Application Control.

In this session we'll see some common Tips and Tricks used to allow groups of users to install and elevate their own apps. Including:

1. AppStore - how to use a shared folder to cut Application Packaging workload

2. Personal Elevate Folder - good solution for accountable, trusted employees who need flexibility

3. Ivanti Service Management integration - full ability to manage application access and elevation via the Best ESM Platform in the World - we also have integration with that other common ticketing tool ServiceNow :-)

Plus a range of other key points like how to Blacklist apps from being installed by allowed users.

Should be a fun session with lots of shared learnings.

Please note: This is a virtual meeting. Meetings may be recorded and may be made available to registrants. Please direct specific questions to the user group leader facilitating the event.


  • James Ley

    Manager, Sales Engineering

  • Shane Wescott

    Security/UWM Technical Evangelist

  • Ross Carins


    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Abdul Azize

    Solution Engineer

  • Hariharan Janakiraman

    Sales Engineer

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