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The Healthcare ITSM user group combines the Neurons for ITSM and Cherwell Service Management (CSM) groups and is for, by, and about customers. Connect with other Healthcare ITSM administrators and process owners. We meet four times a year to see how other customers are using the platform or how others have solved the things you’re working on, learn the latest product updates, and brainstorm solutions on current projects. This customer-driven group is an exceptional opportunity for customers to connect with and learn from each other.

What makes our User Group meetings unique? They are for, by, and about customers. Customers determine the agenda and volunteer to present, and the Ivanti team will support the meeting—making them truly customer-driven.

What does a typical meeting agenda look like?

Stay in touch with your group between meetings through your exclusive forum Healthcare ITSM User Group Forum; this is where you can ask questions, request help, share your tales of woe or triumph, or chill out and chat.

You will need to create an account on Ivanti Innovators to join the Healthcare ITSM User Group with a unique join link.

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