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The Mid-West Mobile UEM User Group is a community of passionate Ivanti users who meet to share best practices, collectively problem-solve, and network with the growing Ivanti User Group community.

We will meet on a quarterly basis for 60 to 90 minute meetings focused on enabling you to get the best from Ivanti Mobile UEM solutions – Neurons for MDM (UEM Mobile Cloud) and UEM Mobile Core (EPM), through sharing with your peers and subject matter experts from Ivanti and the partner network.

The group will be led by your peers from the user community. It is for, by and about you, our customers. Join us!

Community Leader: Jerek Janorschke, Sanford Health.

Past events

Virtual User Group

Midwest Mobile UEM user group meeting


Graham Plumb

Lead Community Program Manager

Jerek Janorschke

Community Leader
Sanford Health

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