Enable Customer Ideas to Lead to Innovation

Great ideas don’t just come from internal teams; they often come from customers sharing their best ideas to create inspired events that maximize their investment in your products. When our customers share their ideas about how to take the Ivanti Momentum User Groups (IMUGs) to the next level, it reaffirms they truly understand and embrace Ivanti's philosophy that the IMUGs are "for the customers, by the customers, and about the customers." The technology professionals in the Northeast Cherwell Service Management (CSM) IMUG are a shining example of how customer-driven ideas come to fruition and result in an elevated experience.

Six years ago, the customers in our Northeast CSM user group brainstormed what they could do to increase the value of their group. As much as they enjoyed and valued the quarterly meetings, they imagined, “What more can we do?”  This customer crowdsourcing resulted in the creation of the “Northeast Summit” now called “Northeast Exchange” -- an expanded two-day user group meeting that includes many of their favorite features: training, break-out sessions, consulting corners and more casual time to collaborate and network with each other. The Northeast Exchange was an instant success and quickly grew into a multi-group event including customers from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, D.C., North Carolina, and Nova Scotia.

After a pause in 2020 and 2021, the Northeast IMUG members will hold their two-day Exchange on October 19 and 20 in Portsmouth, NH. The excitement and enthusiasm among the group is palpable. Check out the Northeast Exchange event page for more information and to register.