Group policy from the Cloud

Mobile UEM User Alliance - Australia / New Zealand

Jun 22, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 AM

For 20 years we have relied on Group Policy (GPO) to configure, lockdown and secure endpoints. While organisations are moving to modern management using Configuration Service Providers (CSP), Ivanti has delivered a modern cloud platform to combine both CSPs and GPOs.


About this event

We will discuss how Ivanti Neurons for MDM can deploy CSPs, but also modernise the deployment of GPOs. Allowing organisations to remove their reliance on legacy domains, or any on-premises infrastructure. This hybrid approach to management is fully cloud-based, combining the power of extensible GPO controls with modern policies.

Agenda topics:

  • CSPs and GPOs explained
  • How to migrate GPOs to CSPs
  • How to upload ADMX templates
  • How to deploy Templates
  • How to deploy Standard & Custom CSPs
  • Roadmap

Please note: This is a virtual meeting during which we will use third party conferencing (MS Teams). MS Teams privacy policy.

Please note: This meeting will be recorded and made available to registrants. Please direct specific questions to the user group leader facilitating the event.


  • Jason Salway


    Senior Sales Engineer


  • Ross Carins


    Account Technology Strategist


  • Jason Salway


    Senior Sales Engineer


  • Ashley Armitt

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Graham Plumb

    Lead Community Program Manager

  • Michaela Rattray

    Customer Success Manager

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