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Sue Barber with MITRE and Eli Hunt with Dartmouth Health, the community leaders for the Northeast ITSM user group, would like to welcome all Neurons for ITSM and CSM customers to gather together on this extraordinary journey covering topics from both Neurons for ITSM and CSM.

This user group is for, by, and about customers eager to come together and talk about innovation, connection, and growth. Connect with other CSM administrators and process owners around the New England area. We meet four times a year to create stronger business connections, share your knowledge, and learn from other users' experiences and expertise, learn the latest product updates, and brainstorm solutions on current projects.

What makes these Ivanti user group meetings unique? Customers determine the agenda and volunteer to present, making our meetings truly customer-driven.

What does a typical meeting agenda look like?

  • Welcome and Introductions: Find out who's in the room.
  • Ivanti and Community Updates and Announcements
  • Customer Show and Share: This is a chance for customers to see what other customers have done
  • Product Demo or Discussion
  • Roundtable Discussion or Solve My Problem: This is an open forum to ask questions or discuss topics not on the formal agenda. It’s a good opportunity to crowdsource potential solutions regarding your Neurons for ITSM or CSM projects or issues/challenges.
  • Plan Next Meeting

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Northeast ITSM User Group Meeting

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Shannon Burns

Lead Community Program Manager, Ivanti

Sue Barber

Community Leader
The MITRE Corporation

Elias Hunt

Community Leader
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital (Dartmouth)

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